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Buckeye Yard Cards

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  • (Name) don't have a cow you're only (Age) now!
  • Happy B-Day (Name)! Have an udderly fabulous day!
  • (Name's) an udder year older!  Happy Birthday!
  • (Name) it's your Birthday!  Milk it for all it's worth!
  • Mooos Flash!  It's (Name's) 40th Birthday!
  • You're 50 (Name), Party til the Cows come home!
  • (Name), you've aged so graze-fully!
  • Holy Cow, We herd (Name) is (Age)!
  • Holy Cow, (Name) is (Age) now!
  • Mooove Over (Age), (Name) is now (Age)!
  • Have you herd the moos?  It's (Name) (Age) Birthday!
  • (Name) you don't look calf your age!  Happy (Age)!
  • (Name)'s (Age) today & that's no bull!  Happy Birthday!
  • We herd (Name) is out to pasture at (Age)!  Happy Birthday!
  • (Names) We are mooved by your love!  Happy Anniversary!
  • An udder year together!  Happy Anniversary!
  • Moos Flash!  It's (Names) (Age) Anniversary!
  • Holy Cow! (Names) are going on (Age) years now!  Happy Anniversary!
  • You're married (Age) years!  Party til the cows come home!
  • (Names) it's your Anniversary!  Milk it for all it's worth!
  • Milk it for all it's worth!  Happy Retirement (Name)!
  • Have an udderly fantastic retirement (Name)!
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